Through Editariously, I work with college and university students of the arts and humanities stripes to polish their essays to a mirror-like sheen.  Writing and turning in remarkable academic essays requires more than your standard spellchecker. I take care of the burden of editing so that you focus on what matters most: your research, your ideas, and putting it all together.

  • If you are serious about turning in well-written essays, and need to make sure there are no grammar, spelling, and usage errors,  I check your paper with fresh objectivity to make sure your writing is in excellent shape.
  • When you need to make sure your argument is sound, and your evidence presented compellingly, I help you tighten your paragraphs and strengthen your sentences.
  • And those times when your paper topic is so daunting that you are hopelessly stopped in panic and brain freeze, I help you unearth your ideas, and empower you to write on
Editariously - Insightful Editing. I work with higher education students to help them polish their essays to a mirror-like sheen.