Let’s have a conversation!

You've attended classes, memorized several irregular verbs, taken too many spelling tests. And yet, you can do little more than  ask for directions, request a drink, or inquire about the bathroom's location. When you try to have a conversation, all your knowledge gets mangled like a Windows blue screen glitch. You feel frustrated and discouraged: the initial delight in this new language has almost vanished. 

Feel free and confident in your second language.

Feel free and confident in your second language.

However, there is hope and good news!

Dear reader, it is my honor and pleasure to cordially invite you to personalized English tutoring. [Feel free to insert flourish and curtsey].

We upend typical ESL classes by focusing on conversation first—grammar and vocabulary second.

This is a come-as-you-are invitation. We work together with your current level of English, and build upon that. Throughout our lessons, you will improve your understanding of how English works at a practical level. Most of all, you will gain confidence to communicate with calm and enthusiasm.

What happens during our lessons?

  • Engaging conversations that are both fun and challenging

  • Intense guided language practice

  • Personalized tutoring based on your English level and particular goals

  • Practice of grammatical structures to build beautiful, natural sentences

  • Vocabulary expansion in your areas of interest

  • Increase in language competence and performance

How would it be like to feel free while having conversations in English? How wonderful would it be to discuss your favorite movies, share the intricacies of your most beloved fandom with friends, or explain everything about that specialty coffee that makes you smile—with energy and a clear head—even on the gloomiest of Monday mornings?