Curing Writer's Block

Fear the blank page no more!

Fear the blank page no more!

Are you so paralyzed by a paper topic that you are staring blankly at the computer screen like an exhausted wind-up toy? This is so stressful you might as well be the person in horror movies who gets left behind in the woods, at night, in the rain, injured, and with a serial killer after you. 

Take a deep breath. 
Fear no more. 

An essay therapy session will knock out your writing paralysis. Here's the treatment:

  • Direct, one-on-one, access to your writing coach

  • Fun brainstorming session to unearth your best ideas

  • Cooperative paper outlining

  • Customized tips and suggestions for your paper

  • Empowerment to write your essay!

You will discover you are more resourceful than what you first thought, and with some guidance, will bring brilliant ideas to life. 

Just send me a quick note to schedule your brainstorming session and find your academic muse.